Monday, June 6, 2011

Meme Monday: Dumb SQL Questions

Once again, it's Meme Monday. Thomas LaRock's (Blog | Twitter) meme this month is dumb SQL questions.

First, let me express an opinion. I agree with the ideas that there are no dumb questions, or the only dumb question is one that isn't asked. But I think there are lazy questions, questions that could be answered with a little digging (or a quick Google search), but it's just easier to ask the DBA. I don't like lazy questions, and I try not to ask them.

Now, on to this month's meme. I don't really have a dumb question, more of a dumb attitude. It seems that a lot of end-users and developers think that creating a database takes about as much time and effort as creating a spreadsheet. They need it tomorrow, and don't understand when we start asking about schemas, tables, constraints, etc.

I suppose the DBA team needs to do a better job at education, but sometimes it seems like a lost cause.

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